PUREHOUSE LAB is an ecosystem of thought leaders and experts in the co-living sector that share ideas and best practices through events, workshops, conferences, prototypes and research projects. This publication is an example of the possibilities when these thought leaders collaborate and share their insights about the current trends and limitations of the co-living phenomenon. We would like to acknowledge the co-living experts that have contributed to this publication and express our gratitude for their insights and their contributions to the co-living sector as a whole.

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This publication is a global perspective of the co-living sector and the contributions of those involved come from a multidisciplinary approach towards understanding the current market status of the co-living phenomenon. We would first like to thank our six Research Forum Coordinators, who provided valuable insights through our interviews for this publication:

  • Xavier Cazard and Valérie Decroix, PUREHOUSE LAB’s Communications Research Forum Coordinators;
  • Ana Paula Emidio, PUREHOUSE LAB’s Policy Research Forum Coordinator;
  • Guillaume de Jenlis, PUREHOUSE LAB’s Services & Tools Research Forum Coordinator;
  • George Green, PUREHOUSE LAB’s Space Research Forum Coordinator;
  • Fabrice Simondi PUREHOUSE LAB’s Co-founder, President and Business Research Forum Coordinator;
  • Ryan Fix, PUREHOUSE LAB’s Co-founder and Community Research Forum Coordinator.

Secondly, we would like to thank members of the PUREHOUSE LAB ecosystem who participated in interviews for this publication:

We would also like to thank the core members of the PUREHOUSE LAB team (Fabrice Simondi, Ryan Fix and Executive Director Claire Flurin), the editorial team of this publication (Xavier Cazard, Valérie Decroix, Fabrice Simondi, Ryan Fix and Claire Flurin) and our sponsors Entrecom, BFS Investissement & AccorHotels.  A special thanks to Claire Flurin, who as Executive Director has been able to develop this ecosystem in both New York and Paris, and is helping to contribute to the sector by concentrating her efforts to making co-living as equitable, affordable, accessible and sustainable as possible.

Finally, we are grateful for the creation of this content, which was due to the collaboration of both Ryan Fix and Matthew Lesniak.


Copyright © 2017 by PUREHOUSE LAB. All Rights Reserved.

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